Quench the Sun by Danielle Hundley

Trees hover over the shallow waters, Clouds dance around above with no sight of the sun. Campers line the sides of the river bank, Waiting patiently for the first bite Still no sign of the sun as we begun to wonder How does the sun hide away for so long? The river is quiet, but […]

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Rainy Morning By: Jeffrey D. Barley

The rain splitter- splattered fell faster and faster racing down from the heavens dodging and bouncing through the dense foliage crashing and flattening as it smashes into the crusty and rustic forest floor hour after hour as the sun rose and birds chirped and chattered greeting the new morning rays.

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The Devil of the Waccamaw

By Patrick Ballow for Hasting’s Hensel’s ENGL 301: Writing the River, CCU It was without a doubt the slimiest creature I had ever held in my bare hands. The bright green of its body contrasted with the black water surrounding us. It wasn’t longer than a foot and a half and had to be less […]

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The (re)Birth of the Cyborg

According to Katherine Hayles, electronic text demands the interaction of a cyborg—half machine, half human. Not I, you say? Think twice. Every interaction with an electronic interface requires you to acquire the not-so-ancient wisdom of the cyborg. You must learn to click, listen, type, choose text sizes and fonts, among other functions within the interface, […]

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Things are looking Spimey

Spimes are all over the place nowadays. Bruce Sterling, the one who coined this concept, must have something very Matrix-like in his head. In futuristic/sci-fi movies like that, spimes are widespread. Whether, they are used to track people, items, or locations, it is a popular theme. People are all-knowing with spimes. Sterling, in his book […]

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Helvetica continued

Daniel Wright English 312 Dr. Boyle January 27, 2013 Helvetica (Continued)             The idea or definition I want to expand on revolves around our video assignment entitled “Helvetica”.  For some odd reason I was fascinated by this film in terms of typography. I’m guessing my interest in this video deals with the aspect of wanting […]

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Helvetica, Technology, and the Individual

Helvetica, Technology, and the Individual The movie Helvetica explored the development of the Helvetica font. More importantly, it revealed how important a design factor as “simple” as typeface can drastically influence how a creator’s work is received by its intended audience. Helvetica presented numerous reactions from individuals in the type-design industry. Some praised the Helvetica […]

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The Rise of the Spimes

Bruce Sterling, described as “sci-fi author, non-fiction author, blogger, and thinker,” approaches the use of spimes on a level for environmental and resource sustainability. He theorizes that if each component of a post consumer shoe is categorized by its potential use value, each components exchange value can be reevaluated; and, ultimately, consumers can sell the […]

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Spiming Things Up

The interview with Bruce Sterling on “spimes” defines the term as “objects that can be tracked through space and time.” These objects can be tracked through labels, serial numbers, bar codes, etc. In the interview, Sterling uses an old black shoe  to describe this concept, while text is displayed onscreen to show the viewer complete information […]

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